About us
About Us

we are the Pioneers of Peace

We are a grassroots organization, women-led, non-governmental, non-partisan organization committed to transforming communities through mediation and empowerment.

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Our Vision

To promote a peaceful world where communities thrive in harmony, guided by the wisdom and resilience, fostering enduring peace and reconciliation.

Our Mission

To Advance, Support and Strengthen people as catalysts for peace and mediation within their communities. Through education, advocacy, and collaboration, we aim to:

Build Capacity: Equip people with the skills, knowledge, and resources needed to mediate conflicts effectively.

Promote Dialogue: Foster open and inclusive dialogues that bridge divides and promote understanding for all.

Advocate for Peace: Influence policies and practices that support peaceful resolutions to conflicts.

Champion Gender Equality: Promote gender equality as a fundamental principle of lasting peace.

Strengthen Community Resilience: Work with communities to build their capacity to manage conflicts and prevent escalation of violence.

Celebrate Diversity: Embrace the richness of diversity as a source of strength and unity.


Our Aim

  • Create sustainable peace and harmony within communities by empowering all to take the lead in conflict mediation, building a foundation for inclusive, just, and peaceful societies.

  • Prioritizing women as the agents of change and peace.

  • Partner with unemployed youth for behavior management ensuring peace at home and in the community through economic engagements.

Our Aim

We believe in empowering women as agents of Peace and change, enabling them to contribute to peaceful community development because peace is life and development.

We embrace diversity and inclusivity, valuing the voices and perspectives of all community members.

We collaborate with stakeholders, both local and global, to create synergies and pool resources for lasting peace.

We promote gender equality as a fundamental principle for building a peaceful and just society.

We support communities in developing the resilience needed to navigate conflicts and challenges.

We remain impartial and non-partisan in our work, ensuring that our efforts are guided solely by the pursuit of peace and mediation.

We operate with transparency and accountability, ensuring the responsible use of resources and trust within our organization.

We adapt to the evolving needs and contexts of the communities we serve, continuously learning and improving our approaches to peace and mediation.

We work towards sustainable peace solutions, aiming for long-lasting positive impacts in the communities we engage with.

We approach our work with empathy and compassion, recognizing the human dimensions of conflict and the importance of healing and reconciliation.


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